Derek Doura

Derek Doura is an multifaceted artist and instructor of visual and musical art forms. He is a contemporary and classically trained musician with over 20 years experience. As a music director of many years and a private instructor for voice and piano, Derek continues to learn and grow as an artist. He directs multiple choirs and maintains a home studio for private instruction. “Music and art in all forms bring me much joy and purpose as we journey through life. It is a gift to be shared and explored!”  

Rosa Bullis

Rosa Bullis is a certified Journey Dance Guide, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner and student of Energy Healing. Her personal journey into the healing arts began after a life changing event in 2012. Since then, the universe has brought all that is needed for inspiration and growth. Always ready for an adventure, Rosa has taught and practiced yoga, sound healing and Reiki in Mexico, Costa Rica and Chile. Never one to take herself too seriously, Rosa brings her love of life and easy smile to all of her practices.

Michele Ferro

Michele Ferro Michele Ferro is an art therapist with a master’s degree from Lesley University, and a level 3 certified dream teacher in the Robert Moss School of Active Dreaming. She currently teaches Art Therapy and Play Therapy at Lesley University as adjunct faculty, and has been teaching and leading self-exploration and shamanic dream groups for over 10 years. She believes in the healing power of the creative arts and combines dream work and the expressive modalities of art, dance, drama, music, and storytelling to deepen connection within and expand self-awareness. She creates a safe compassionate space and inspires people to find joy and peace in their life by connecting the spiritual and physical realities.

Mary Ellen Shroder

Mary Ellen Schroder * journeydance.com/maryellenschroder jdwithmaryellen@gmail.com * 203-308-1158   Mary Ellen Schroder, MAT and Interfaith Minister is a Certified JourneyDance™ Facilitator. She has completed over 350 hours of JourneyDance™ training through three intensive JourneyDance™ modules and numerous retreats. These modules include instruction in the composition of the JourneyDance™ Flow, a deep exploration of the rituals contained within a JourneyDance™ experience, a personal growth component designed to bring their full selves to their teaching practice, and an apprenticeship program with designated JourneyDance™ Mentors to ensure full knowledge and understanding of the JourneyDance™ body of work.   Mary Ellen offers a sacred container for participants to explore their own unique journey through the joy and aliveness of dance. She invites participants into a more alive, and connected relationship with themselves and others through this healing modality. Mary Ellen believes that JourneyDance™ cultivates peace, joy and aliveness within, which then overflows into the world.   Graduation from the highest level of training in JourneyDance™ - October 2015

Olivea Martin

Olivea Meszaros-Martin life's passion is dance. She has been studying the healing and expressive arts, loves working and playing with people of all ages and abilities. She has taught creative movement with children and facilitated dance gatherings with adults. She loves exploring different ways of healing and the magic of the creative process. "Dancing brings me so much joy, love and healing. It makes me feel so alive and connected!"

Claudia Trivelas

Claudia draws from her studies in the following disciplines to provide a complete blueprint or imprint of your soul's journey: Western Astrology Astrology has been a lifelong interest and I have had the honor of studying with several astrology masters including Isabel Hickey & Uranian Astrology with Charles Emerson in NYC. Destiny Cards (Sacred Symbols of the Ancients) The ancient system originated prior to Ancient Egypt and combines numerology and astrology by assigning specific cards to each day of the year.  The "Destiny Cards" add another dimension to the consultation and offer additional tools for yearly forecasting  and compatibility insights Human Design System Human Design uses the rave chart to calculate the Bodygraph which is based upon ancient and modern systems including Astrology, the Chakra system, the Kabbalah and the I Ching, the Book of Changes. From a modern perspective, Human Design is based upon tiny particles called Neutrinos that carry mass and information originating from the stars in our solar system. Neutrinos leave an imprint of information wherever they travel and based upon your birth date, add to your personal blueprint as an individual on this planet.

Chris Monti

Chris Monti is a singer/songwriter, guitarist and harmonica player whose original songs are influenced by Rock and Roll, Country-Blues and Old-Time Fiddle Music as well as music from West Africa, Egypt, India and South America. Chris’s first ever musical performance (1993!) was with the Movement Exchange’s Elizabeth Robinson. And now, some 20-something years later, they are collaborating on live-music dance classes at the Movement Exchange. Chris has toured the East Coast, opened many times for country-blues great Paul Geremia, played with Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars, played Terry Riley's "In C" with a hundred-piece ensemble, and played the world's largest hurdy gurdy for "Hurdy Gurdy Pallooza 2014". Chris is part of a children’s puppet show called "Tall Tales: Songs and Stories of Old New England", is part of the dance band Big Biscuit, and is also an educator and music therapist. Chris is also an amateur naturalist and avid bird watcher.

Stacy Donn Cristo, LMHC

Stacy Donn Cristo, LMHC, Holistic Psychotherapy I have been practicing holistic psychotherapy for nearly 15 years, 10 of which independently. My passion lies in supporting others to meet their full potential, to live authentically and empowered and to make dreams a reality. I have been a practitioner of yoga for the last 20 years and carry this into my approach to therapy. Recently, I have been inspired by my diagnosis of ADHD and my relationship to my daughter with this same diagnosis to get other moms and daughters together to connect and build allegiance and community around this shared experience. ADHD continues to be a very misunderstood experience, especially in girls and women. I believe that a diagnosis can be empowering and allow us to reach our full potential to live compassionate, creative and sustainable lives however sometimes a diagnosis leaves a person feeling defective and hopeless, together, I hope we overcome this!

Cassie Brizzi

A-Coeur-Dance Cassie has been practicing and coordinating events for variety of movement modalities over the last 11 years in Asheville, NC. 5Rhythms, SoulMotion, and Dance Meditation have offered her a broad color pallet and range of experiences for her inspiration on the dance floor. Cassie has recently finished training with Melissa Michaels in Boulder, CO offering Rites of Passage through movement with young adults from around the globe. She intends to guide and inspire many new individuals on the dance floor. For more information GoldenBridge.org. With so many years of experience, it has brought commitment and rich creativity. Working with a multi generational audience has allowed her to expand her teaching to meet dancers in what ever physical form they arrive to the dance floor. Cassie brings great compassion and generosity while holding a strong space for everyone’s experience. “I have been involved in this type of practice for many years, and Cassie truly understands the purpose of this practice: to provide a safe, non-judgmental space for people to explore their inner experiences through movement.” Eric Aufdencamp

Mary Paula Hunter

Mary Paula Hunter founded MPHdance (formerly esb) in 1999 and has been teaching, guiding, and mentoring young dancers ever since. She is the Artistic Director of JUMP!, an active choreographer, and 2014 Pell Award winner. She's twice won the RISCA Fellowship in Choreography and has performed throughout the US and NYC. http://www.mphdance.net

Pamela McIntyre

Pamela McIntyre (Amrit Nam Kaur): Former Chair of the Theatre Department at Wheaton College (MA), Pamela is the creator of Divine Moves, a joyful moving meditation practice that offers spiritual connection and holistic healing through the creative flow of movement. She has training in Nia, Kundalini Yoga, JourneyDance, Reiki, Acting, and Voice.  Her musical instrument is her voice and she uses it for the healing and joyful expansion of others. As a spiritual, vocational and astrological guide, she uplifts others through the enthusiastic acknowledgement of each person’s unique, beautiful, and divine presence. Pamela has a Ph.D. in Theatre/Communication.

Thea Izzi

Thea Izzi (DJ Tara~Ma) has been a dancer all her life. After many years of focusing mainly on swing, salsa, samba and traditional African Dance she discovered the realm of conscious dance through the teachings of Gabriel Roth’s 5 Rhythms. Soon after that she joined the Ecstatic Dance Community when it came to Oakland, CA in 2008. The combination of free movement without judgment, shoes or vocal communication with a variety of electronic music genres set in a wave format resonated with her deeply. When she later moved to Providence, RI she founded the Rhode Island branch of the Ecstatic Dance Community in 2011. Ecstatic Dance Providence has had a few homes but is now joyfully a part of the thriving dance community at The Movement Exchange. Tara~Ma facilitates the dances through an opening circle and a choreographed, live DJed set of music to guide the dancers on an inner journey. Each dance has a suggested theme based loosely on the cycles of nature or astrological occurrences and is an open invitation to connect the body, mind and spirit through this theme combined with free movement, the beat and ultimately, ecstatic joy.

Kelly Fenton

Kelly Fenton is a Blue Belt Nia instructor, Certified Life Coach and Educator extraordinaire. She has been teaching movement classes for over 10 years and shares her knowledge of Nia, yoga, and meditation as well as her love of movement, energetic spirit and creativity in every class. By connecting to the body’s innate wisdom, tapping into the collective energy and using the Nia technique, she creates a unique movement experience. Believing that movement is key to living a joyous life, Kelly invites all students to dance their way to health and happiness.

Elizabeth Robinson

Elizabeth Robinson is passionate student and participant in multidimensional creativity! She has been studying the healing arts, creative arts, ENERGY, psychology, and the physical body in all it's extraordinary layers for many years and maintains a massage practice in Providence. "When I discovered Journey Dance I felt myself "light up" and lighten up! I knew quickly that it was the perfect work for me to continue forth on my path of creative/body/mind/ exploration!" www.divineprovidencemassage.com

Jessie Jewels

Jessie Jewels found the hoop in 2013 when a friend brought a hoop to a party. The next day she purchased her first hoop and hasn’t stopped whirling since. Jessie’s personal mission is to share her love of hoop dancing with others. Jessie believes that hoop dancing is a transformational tool that has the ability to teach and inspire its inhabitants to "go with the flow". In 2014, Jessie created Jessie Jewels Hoops and More, where she creates and sells handcrafted hula hoops and jewelry. Jessie uses her background teaching (B.S. in Education) and her experience instructing Zumba and Bellydancing to build a welcoming environment where students can let go, have a good time and dance like nobody is watching.

Shura Baryshnikov

Shura Baryshnikov is an artist and educator fully committed to creating, producing and performing movement. Shura has worked as a choreographer and movement consultant for Trinity Repertory Company, The Wilbury Theatre Group, Bridge Repertory Company, Elemental Theatre Collective and on a number of Brown/Trinity MFA productions. As a freelance dancer, she has performed in works by Heidi Henderson, Ali Kenner Brodsky and Betsy Miller, among others, and with Aerplaye Dance, American Dance Legacy Initiative, Lostwax Multimedia Dance and Festival Ballet Providence. Shura is a teaching associate in the Department of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies at Brown University and has also instructed at MIT, Dean College, Rhode Island College, Salve Regina University and at Earthdance in Plainfield, MA. Shura’s choreography and improvised performance has been presented by the RISD Museum, Festival Ballet Providence, the Providence Fringe Festival, the Institute at Brown for Environment and Society and in Earthdance’s Moving Arts Lab. Shura is an avid practitioner of Contact Improvisation and co-facilitated both CI Ground Research and the Spring Equinox Jam in 2015 at Earthdance Workshop, Residency and Retreat Center, a center for experiential learning, creative exchange, and CI.