Thea Izzi

Thea Izzi (DJ Tara~Ma) has been a dancer all her life. After many years of focusing mainly on swing, salsa, samba and traditional African Dance she discovered the realm of conscious dance through the teachings of Gabriel Roth’s 5 Rhythms. Soon after that she joined the Ecstatic Dance Community when it came to Oakland, CA in 2008. The combination of free movement without judgment, shoes or vocal communication with a variety of electronic music genres set in a wave format resonated with her deeply. When she later moved to Providence, RI she founded the Rhode Island branch of the Ecstatic Dance Community in 2011. Ecstatic Dance Providence has had a few homes but is now joyfully a part of the thriving dance community at The Movement Exchange. Tara~Ma facilitates the dances through an opening circle and a choreographed, live DJed set of music to guide the dancers on an inner journey. Each dance has a suggested theme based loosely on the cycles of nature or astrological occurrences and is an open invitation to connect the body, mind and spirit through this theme combined with free movement, the beat and ultimately, ecstatic joy.