The Movement exchange is available for rental for rehearsals, private lessons, auditions, photo/video shoots, master classes, performances, events and ongoing classes.

The movement exchange dimensions is roughly 53′ x 37′ and 12′ high. Rental includes use of sound system and minimal lighting.

Prices and booking details are listed below. Please note that cancellation requires 24 hours’ notice to avoid paying full price. Payment is expected at time of rental.

  • Dance Rehearsals $15/hour
  • Private lessons $16/hour (This rate is for 1 : 1 instruction in which the instructor receives compensation.)
  • Ongoing Adult classes $30/hour
  • Kids classes $20/hour (This rate is for instructors that are interested in running ongoing weekly classes at the movement exchange.)
  • Workshops and other events $30/hour
    This is our general rental price for workshops and events. Prices may varying depending on event details such as public/private, free/fee-based, length of time requested.

Dance Performances/Showings

$220 flat fee for performance rental. This includes 2 performances (no longer than 2 hours in length) and one dress/tech rehearsal (no longer than 4 hours in length). In addition the fee includes our sound system, minimal lights, and chairs/pillows for audience set up. Renters are required to provide their own tech/design crew, box office. Any additional rehearsal time will cost $15/hour rehearsal rental fee. Cancellation requires two weeks’ notice. Any performance cancelled less than two week prior to the event will incur a $50 cancellation fee.

To rent our space for your event please contact